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Ego CE5 Twist new

£44.99 (Inc Vat)

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This e cigarette starter kit comes with two CE5 clearomisers that can hold 1.6 ml of E Liquid in a durable, easy to re-fill polycarbonate tank and produce an excellent full flavor and an excellent amount of vapor. The batteries used with this starter kit are EGO 650 mah. Recognized the world over as being one of the most effective and reliable batteries that are available for use with electronic cigarette systems.

A 5 click safety system is also included to protect against accidental usage whilst being stored in a pocket or a bag, simply click 5 times in quick succession to turn on and again to turn off. With a standard 510 screw fitting the batteries are compatible with a wide range of accessories which enables you to vape the way you want to.

CE5 rebuildable also known as CE4+ comes standard with long wicks, to soak up the most e liquid as possible. The CE5 is rebuildable allowing for easy cleaning and replacement of parts. The clearomizer unscrews at the base to allow easy access to replace heads, tubes and drip tips. Or it can be unscrewed simply for an easy clean under the tap.

The CE5 is easily filled by unscrewing the tip, holding the CE5 at an angle and trickling your flavored e liquid down the side wall into the tank (avoid the centre air tube). They can also be filled using a needle cap bottle or syringe.