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About Us

About Us

Herbal Magic is the brain child of our Founder and CEO Jibran Khan. He came up with the idea whilst in hospital undergoing epilepsy surgery. Being bed ridden with nothing much to do, and not many physical activities to take part in, energy drinks became part of his daily routine. Jibran found that drinking the same old energy drinks became uninteresting, same old flavours, same old concept. He started thinking about energy drinks in general, how most of them don’t have a very good reputation because of all the artificial ingredients included in them. He wanted to create something different from the others, something that would be good for you.

The idea to create a 100% natural energy drink was explored thoroughly, he thought the concept of creating such a drink would appeal to a much larger demographic whilst providing the same benefits as a normal energy drink but with a much healthier combination of ingredients. It is this concept that has been bought to life today.


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