Getting Started Getting Started with Driving

Unsure about what to do first?  Give us a no obligation call and, if you prefer or if we think it's what's needed, we will be more than happy to offer an induction, address any concerns you may have and/or discuss a conceivable lesson plan over a cup of coffee.

Have your licence, ready to start?  Call us for more information or to book your first lesson, it couldn't be simpler. When a candidate starts out with Mick James, they are given a driver's record to document progress along the way, helping to keep track of their lessons.

There are twenty-four (24) key skills that a candidate must gain before taking their test. The driver will need to learn, practice and master each of them. Key elements will be checked off after every lesson. Mick believes that driving should be an enjoyable experience but taken seriously, will therefore always aim to incorporate both these elements into lesson plans.